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Daeshin Metal Inc.s assembly line processes manufacturing products after reflecting our customers needs and requests. We own CNC Machining Center, NC lathe, Bed Type Universal Milling Machine and several more lathes. We try to provide products with an excellent quality at the customers earliest convenience using FMS-Line. FMS-Line, which is equipped with a thermo controlling system, enables our company to increase the production rate and manufacture the parts needed with tight dimensional tolerance. 0.01
No Machine Name QTY Capa  
1 CNC Mchining 27 (X)700x(Y)410x(z)580  
2 CNC LATHE 2 10%  
3 V/MCT 3 (X)1600x(Y)410x(Z)2750  
4 RADIAL, RTC 10    
5 H/MCT 8 (X)1800x(Y)1200x(Z)1000 Including FMS-Line
6 V/MCT 1 (X)1600x(Y)750x(Z)2750